My names Hassan ‘Mikael’ Hassan and I’m honoured to introduce myself as the
founder and director of The Fixer Consultancy. We pride ourselves on delivering
for our clients. Addressing the needs, wants and direction of your organisation
whilst maintaining shareholder confidence. As our flagship-consulting firm, we
are driven by success and hope that our leadership and desire manifests itself in
your organizational key performance indicators. Vocal in our achievements, I
look forward to partaking in joint collaborations so that we may provide the
necessary foundations from which you’re organisation may grow and flourish.


A bit about me….

As an International Relations scholar who has had an illustrious career since
entering the International political sphere, my work ethic and global networks
are substantial. Having spent years engineering domestic and international
political change through research and development programs, I have the
experience and knowledge to provide a detailed plan of execution in which to
ensure your organisation always reaches its goals successfully. As an
international relations scholar, I have found myself travelling and partaking in
design plans and executions of corporate and political decision-making around
the world. Recently having spent time at the UN headquarters in Geneva via the
UNHRC where I have found an unchallenged passion for international politics
and human rights. The thrill of being surrounded by the worlds most influential
decision makers and influencers is too large a lure to deny. Thus hooked into the
international development project I can see much of my work being reproduced
in countless nations around the world. While I am a significant contributor to the
United Nations I have also seen my work manifesting itself from Washington,
London, Zimbabwe, New Delhi, Moscow, Ankara, Abou Dhabi, Riyadh, Beijing and
Canberra. I believe my global pedigree is in a league of its own and as such, I hope
that my experience may be of fortune to your organisation and its shareholders.
Currently partaking in the Juris Doctor Law program at university, I hope to
continue building my repertoire of skills and invaluable knowledge, whilst
providing the highest level of service to my clients. Knowledge of constitutional
law, legislation, corporate law, intellectual property and human rights are
invaluable to all organisations and prove an interesting dynamic in the services
we may provide in due course. With that said the role of The Fixer Consultancy
(TFC) is not to provide substantial legal advice but to listen, learn, design,
engineer and execute organizational goals on behalf of the client. The client
comes first and we endeavour to ensure their organizational needs are met at
every interval.

So that is me in a nutshell, if you’d like to learn more then please arrange a free
consultation so that we may discuss the intricacies of your organisation in the
context of the services we provide as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
Mikael Hassan / 0478 822 376

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